Peachtree Bikes Serenbe TT #2

April 21st, 2013 | Posted by Director Sportif in Race Results

Clay takes 3rd at the Peachtree Bikes Serenbe TT #2. This was the longest TT the team has raced to date at 40K (or 24 miles). “Adapt and Overcome” were the name of the game at this event with a last minute course change and a 30 minute race delay. The course change added a sharp right turn before the finish and a 1/4 mile drag up hill to the line. The race delay was due to a fellow racer getting hit by a deer during his warm up. The good news is that he’s OK! The bad news is that the timing of nutrition, hydration and a warm up are key to a successful ride, so like a Marine we “Adapt and Overcome” and step up on the podium

Cat 4/5 Podium

The aforementioned “Silk Sheets” soon became a nightmare to our legs. From Clay’s race report to his coach:

“The start was really fast and rolled pretty much down hill for the first 6 miles. I was averaging over 26 mph and feeling really good. I continued to push on the up and tried to recover on the descent. I carried a good average until turning on to Campbell-Redwine Road. It was up and there was a head wind from the turn until South Fulton Parkway. About 15-16 miles in (~40 minutes), the new position changes started to wreak havoc on my sit bones. I pushed through it, but it hurt! The hills continued and my average was dropping. I couldn’t get my speed up. I made the final turn and had about 3.5 miles to go. That road was fast (28-30+) and then I met the newly added, final right turn to the finish. I held too much back with the higher speeds leading up to the corner, in hopes of saving it for the up hill finish. There was a dude sweeping gravel at the corner which mentally screwed me up, caused me to slow more than I probably needed to and killed my momentum. Halfway to the finish I looked down and saw 14 mph and decided to stand up and start sprinting. I felt my calves getting cooked and balling up as I crossed the line. The finish line…done.”

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