After a hard fought battle during the 2013 GACX season, Team Smyrna Bicycles p/b BMW finishes the season strong with top step on the podium and multiple overall awards.  The double header at Conyers this year was an epic, mud fest and even one of our top riders, Mclean Harris, said that was the “craziest stuff he’d ever ridden in.”  The weather was cold with periods of rain, to which we were again reminded, “this is cross weather.”  The muddy conditions also entertained spectators as anyone without 4 wheel drive tried to leave the hilly grass parking lot.  Here are the results:

Day 1:

Mclean Harris 1st CX3
Mclean Harris 1st SS


Mclean winning Conyers CX Day 1 CX3


Conyers CX Day 1 SS podium

Day 2:

Ian Prunier 2nd M35+
Mclean Harris 1st CX3


Conyers CX Day 2 podium

After fighting for spots during the individual events throughout the season, we quickly turned our attention to cumulative points and the overall awards.  Ian, Mclean and Tom had their eyes on their respective classes from the beginning, and we as team were determined to take a stand for the team competition.  Hard work does truly pay off, as we brought home 4 podiums in the individual categories with Tom Butler 3rd M45+, Ian Prunier 1st M35+, and Mclean Harris 1st CX3 and 2nd SS.


Tom 3rd in M45+ Overall


Ian takes the top step in the M35+ Overall

And after battling it out in the team competition with Toyota Forklift and Litespeed / BMW all season, we placed 2nd!


2013 GACX Team Competition podium (1st Toyota Forklift, 2nd Smyrna Bicycles/BMW, 3rd Litespeed/BMW)

It was an incredibly successful and exciting CX season for the team.  We all learned a ton, suffered a lot, stood on the podium and, most importantly, had fun.  We have now turned our attention to base miles and are ready to enjoy the holidays with friends, family and, of course, our bikes.  See you in 2014!


It was another successful day for Team Smyrna Bicycles at Jim Miller CX. We consider this home court since we practice on this course weekly leading up to the GACX series and it’s in our backyard. It was a cold start, with temps in the 30′s, and while we bundled up and stressed about what to wear, we were reminded that this is typical cross weather. We had representation in nearly all the fields and a few new faces from the team out for some suffering.

MC doubled up with wins in CX3 and Single Speed. Ian took 2nd in M35+. We had a bunch of top 10′s as well. In the overall competition, MC moved into 1st in CX3, Ian solidified his 1st in M35+ and if Tom finishes the last 2 races in the top 15 he’ll finish 3rd in M45+. We brought home lots of team points as well. It was a great day!




9/28 Tour de Pink

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Team Smyrna Bicycles rides 40+ miles in the Tour de Pink and raises $680 benefiting the Young Survivors Coalition!

Mclean Harris won the Georgia State CX3 Championship this weekend at Serenbe! Despite the not so ideal conditions, he took off in the first lap and never looked back for 45 minutes, leaving the competition over 30 seconds behind. The “official” GA CX race report called the CX3 race “the Mclean Harris” show. It was exciting to watch his hard work and determination throughout the season pay off. This marks the team’s 2nd GA State Championship jersey. Mclean also took 2nd in the Single Speed race later that same day.

MC winning State Championship at Serenbe

Serenbe CX3 podium

Tour de Cure update

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Smyrna Bicycles co-sponsors the 2013 edition of the Tour de Cure (  The team raises $2081 and has a great ride despite the severe thunderstorms.  We even got some air time on CBS Atlanta News (

Clay takes 3rd at the Peachtree Bikes Serenbe TT #2. This was the longest TT the team has raced to date at 40K (or 24 miles). “Adapt and Overcome” were the name of the game at this event with a last minute course change and a 30 minute race delay. The course change added a sharp right turn before the finish and a 1/4 mile drag up hill to the line. The race delay was due to a fellow racer getting hit by a deer during his warm up. The good news is that he’s OK! The bad news is that the timing of nutrition, hydration and a warm up are key to a successful ride, so like a Marine we “Adapt and Overcome” and step up on the podium

Cat 4/5 Podium

The aforementioned “Silk Sheets” soon became a nightmare to our legs. From Clay’s race report to his coach:

“The start was really fast and rolled pretty much down hill for the first 6 miles. I was averaging over 26 mph and feeling really good. I continued to push on the up and tried to recover on the descent. I carried a good average until turning on to Campbell-Redwine Road. It was up and there was a head wind from the turn until South Fulton Parkway. About 15-16 miles in (~40 minutes), the new position changes started to wreak havoc on my sit bones. I pushed through it, but it hurt! The hills continued and my average was dropping. I couldn’t get my speed up. I made the final turn and had about 3.5 miles to go. That road was fast (28-30+) and then I met the newly added, final right turn to the finish. I held too much back with the higher speeds leading up to the corner, in hopes of saving it for the up hill finish. There was a dude sweeping gravel at the corner which mentally screwed me up, caused me to slow more than I probably needed to and killed my momentum. Halfway to the finish I looked down and saw 14 mph and decided to stand up and start sprinting. I felt my calves getting cooked and balling up as I crossed the line. The finish line…done.”

A win for Clay in CAT V and a 2nd place finish for Tom in Masters 45+ at the Perry Roubaix Time Trial.  Way to represent!

Cat 5 podium

Tom says, “I got second”

Congratulations to Tom Butler for stepping on the Masters 45+ podium at the Serenbe TT (3/24).  The weather threatened to cancel the event, and with start times pushed an hour, the event carried on in less than ideal conditions – misty rain, wet roads and colder than normal temps.  Tom conquered the 15.5 mile course in 38m 50s which included a long 3 mile drag to the finish.  Solid ride by Tom!

Butler P'tree Serenbe TT Podium

Masters 45+ TT podium

Smyrna Bicycles also had 3 top 10 finishes in the Cat 4/5 TT yesterday  This is the first of three time trials at Serenbe, the last of which is the GA State Championship.  Smyrna Bicycles plans to represent at all three with the next one coming up on April, 21st.  Stay tuned for updates.

After a relatively flat course at the Historic Brooks TT, Union City greeted us with the rolling hills of GA.  This is an area commonly referred to in the cycling community as “Silk Sheets,” but don’t let the name fool you.  The course was 13 miles of pure pain where racers followed an out-and-back route including a steady 1 mile drag up hill.  Doug Mclaughlin averaged 340w and secured 3rd place on the podium.  Clay Benoit put the hammer down and finished on the top step of the podium.  Another successful weekend for Team Smyrna Bicycles p/b BMW.  Let’s keep this rolling!


Cat 5 podium


Union City TT finish

Clay hauling to the finish

We are excited to announce that BMW North America ( has signed on as a title sponsor for the 2013 season!


2013 Team Smyrna Bicycles jersey